Three Reasons Why You Need It

1.  Everything is in one spot!

Is your dogs stuff everywhere, instead of in one place?
Has this happened to you?

Owner #1: “I’m taking Rex out to play. Honey, where is the leash?”
Owner #2: “In the drawer.”
Owner #1: “Have you seen his ball?”
Owner #2: “I think it’s in the closet.”
Owner #1: “I need the treats for training. What did you do with them?”
Owner #2: “They’re in the cupboard, I think.”
Owner #1: “Where is his collar?”
Owner #2: “Maybe in the TV room.”
Owner #1: “I can’t find the poopie bags!”
Owner #2: “Try my coat pocket”
Owner #1: “Ugh!” 




Here are just some of the things 
The Mutt Pack holds - All at once!

Treat bag
Paw rag
Tennis balls
Hunting Gear
Toys: Plush, Kong, rope
Poopie bags
Brush & grooming tools
Clickers & training tools
First aid kit
& More!









2.  You can take it with you, easily!

With the travel styles of The Mutt Pack, not only do you have everything in one place, you can quickly zip it up and you and your dog are on your way! No need to hunt around the house for 
everything – it's already in your Mutt Pack!

The Mutt Pack hangs on the back of your closet door – or anywhere!



3. You can use it as a training tool

With The Mutt Pack, YOU control the toys.

One of the many valuable lessons that is taught in many a puppy training class is to control your dogs “toy time.” By deciding when it is play time and which toy your dog plays with, especially during the first year of his or her life, can shape the behavior of your dog – for the better!

When you decide when toy time is, your dog learns that you are the master and you are the source of the fun. This is also a great time to practice the commands “sit” and “wait” while you select the toy to play with or get ready to be taken out for a walk or playtime.

If left to their own devices, dogs can become “bratty” about which toys they want and when they want them, leaving the owner without a sense of control. By using The Mutt Pack, control is restored, boundaries are established which really gives your dog a sense of calm, and thereby more FUN, knowing that you are in charge!