How to Use The Mutt Pack

How to Hang
Every Mutt Pack is adorned with two grommets at the top of the pack, and there are a number of ways you can hang The Mutt Pack. Some folks hang it on the wall, some on the back of the closet, some on a hanger.

Doors & Walls
Depending on the material your door or wall is made out of, will likely depend on how you want to hang it. You can attach screws or hooks that you buy at your local hardware store (small enough to take the pack on and off of for travel (if you have the traveller). Also, 3M command strips on walls (not so much on doors) are reported to have worked well.

Some folks loop the handle over a strong wood or metal hanger. It won't lay as flat, but it works great in hotels or in your own closet.



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How to Use for Travel
1. Fold The Mutt Pack in half
2. Zip ends together
3. Fold in half again
4. Use adjustable buckles to secure.