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Product Care Instructions 
The Mutt Pack is made from durable materials, however, we recommend you hand wash with warm water and light soap it in order to maintain the integrity of the pack. You can spot wipe the pack with warm water and light of soap if needed. We do not recommend putting stain resistant spray on the inside of the pack as The Mutt Pack stores items that may go in your dogs mouth.

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If you are not satisfied with The Mutt Pack, you can return it for a full refund (not including shipping costs) within 30 days, or exchange The Mutt Pack for a different color or style (in that style category) for within 30 days.

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You can choose the method of shipping and see rates in your shopping cart. Delivery time after placement of order depends on the UPS or USPS method you choose. We will ship your order the next business day after placement of order.

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