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How it all got started
Everyone has that closet, you know, the one with all the dog toys in it. Daily we would find ourselves bent over, head in the dark, dog sneaking under legs to steal the forbidden toy, struggling to find the leash or toy that we needed, or yelling across the house to ask other family members "Where's the leash!?"

Our temporary solution was a bucket in the closet, but the bent over, head in the dark, clueless and often fruitless search for the poopie bags or whatever, remained.

Then Matt had the idea to create The Mutt Pack™. Lisa, lover of all things organized, championed this cause and soon Pet Intentions, LLC was born.

After we made our prototype of The Mutt Pack™ with safety pins and fabric and hung it on the back of the closet door, our lives changed forever. The bliss, the joy, of everything in one spot, no bending, no darkness and no dog sneaking under the legs to get the toys. It was heaven! This is why we always say we never knew how much we needed a Mutt Pack until we had one!

Since then it has made our lives easier. Our family no longer has stress gathering everything we need for playtime. Hutch probably doesn't notice that it takes us 5 minutes less to get out the door and to the park, but we do!

Thus, our company, Pet Intentions was born out of the need to make life easier for owners and their pets.

Meet the Pack!
We are a bunch of effervescent beings, led by HUTCH, Possessor of All Cuteness. Hutch is the kind of dog that clearly has extra cute molecules. The rest of us are pretty cute too, but in our world, the cutest one leads the pack, which means that the dog and the child are in charge. (Sometimes even the guinea pigs).

Let us introduce ourselves and our roles. Matt is the husband unit who is the genius business force behind the overwhelming success of The Mutt Pack. Matt, as El Presidente, is the Innovator and Leader of the pack. Lisa is the wife unit who is the whirlygig (read: slighly crazy) Operations Director and Webmaster. Aunt Pamela has some fancy degree in marketing, so we call her when we are clueless, which is usually on Tuesdays for some reason. Audrey, the glorious child, second in command to Hutch, fulfills the role of the much needed Creative Muse and generally the whole point why we do what we do. Hutch, our Quality Control Officer, offers daily and continual testing of The Mutt Pack, by requesting repeated intervals of outside playtime, for which we must continually interact with our beloved Mutt Pack to gather his toys, leash, poopie bags, and so on. 

Day in and day out we work hard to bring you the best Mutt Pack possible, and spread the joy throughout the land, as we aim to make life easier for you the owner and more fun for you pup!

The Mutt Pack began as a set of safety pins and fabric, and now is a robust savior of time and energy. Personally, we enjoy NOT being bent over in the dark closet trying to find Hutch's stuff now that we have invented The Mutt Pack. We hope you do too.

(from left: Audrey, Matt, Pam, Lisa, Hutch)